vidubiology offers exciting and effective ideas how video and media can support biology learning by providing clear examples of Biological themes suitable for the curriculum of students, and great ways that students can use cameras autonomously and collaboratively to enhance their learning. vidubiology is a European funded, Erasmus plus project to improve the teaching and engagement with Biology and science, for students at school (10 – 14 years).

Check out ideas, lesson plans, video examples and background information here:

Project outcomes
The vidubiology approach (BG / DE / EN / IS)
The vidubiology three modules (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Permission forms for parents (BG / DE / EN / IS)

Module 1: Taking photos (entry task)
Task sheet for students "Plants in the seasons" (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Task sheet for students "Plants in the seasons" (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Video tutorial "Taking photos" (EN, DE)

Module 2: Photo stories / time-lapse / slow motion (intermediate task)
Task sheet for students "Organisms in Action" (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Task sheet for teachers "Organisms in Action" (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Technicards for students (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Workshop sheet Chester Zoo (EN)
Video tutorial "Editing a photo story with Windows / Android" (DE, EN)
Video tutorial "Editing a photo story with Apple" (DE, EN)
Video tutorial "Time-lapse with Framelapse" (EN)

Module 3: Video production (advanced task)
Task sheet for teachers "Creative Video" (BG / DE / EN / IS)
Student info cards "Video Production" (BG / DE / EN / IS)

Teacher Training
vidubiology Teacher Training Package (BG / DE / EN / IS)

Case Studies
vidubiology Case Studies (BG / DE / EN / IS)

vidubiology handbook
Forty page introduction to what vidubiology is about (BG / DE / EN / IS)



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